Posse Legends:        Saunders Ranch Family - Three (3) Generation Posse Members

  The Saunders Ranch Family is a true legend in ranching, with 3 generations of Posse members. Tom B. Sanuders III a charter member, then Tom B. Saunders IV and
Tom B. (Thomas) Saunders V. The Saunders Ranch is a 6 generation ranching operation. George W. Saunders, Tom B Saunders, Tom B Saunders II, Tom B Saunders III, Tom B. Saunders IV,
Tom B. (Thomas) Saunders V.
____Bill Ward

  Tom B Saunders III
Joined 1947 - Charter Member
Served as Captain 1948
Died 1974
Tom B Saunders IV
Joined 1974
Received 25 Year Award in 1999
Died 2018
Tom B. (Thomas) Saunders V
Joined 2009

Saunders Ranch History

Saunders Ranch Videos

                                        Thomas B.Saunders IV - Day in the Life

                                        Thomas Saunders - Horsemanship

                                       Thomas Saunders - Start Colts

                                       Saunders Ranch - Tara Stark

                                       Saunders Ranch

        "The Texas Cowboys" (1997)   -  Tom B. Saunders IV
          Co Authored with the legend David Stoecklein 
                Featuring Texas Ranches & Cowboys

Saunders 3 Generations - Parker County Sheriff's Posse

Thomas B Saunders III                                       Thomas B Saunders IV                     Thomas B Saunders V
Charter Member 1947                                                                         Joined 1974                                                             Joined 2009
 Captain 1948                                                              Receiving 40 Year Award 2014                                                            

Saunders 3 Generations - Parker County Sheriff's Posse



"The chicken bandit - PCSP/PRCA rodeo event"

"Snowball Express - Wildwest Rodeo for Kids that lost a parent(s) in the military"