Parker County Sherriff's Posse

  03/24/2018                                             Lewis Wayne Ellis
  The Posse is Saddened for the passing of long time member, Lewis Wayne Ellis. He joined the Posse in 1978, received
  his 25 year award in 2003, and his 40 year award in 2018. Ranching and riding was his dream, and he lived it with his
  brand "131".
  Please keep his wife Tommie and the Ellis family in your prayers.
  02/20/2018                                             Don Gill
  Please put Don Gill on your prayer list, as he continues to rehab. I understand he is home doing better. Another ranching legend
  in our posse and a great cowboy.

  Tom B on Frosty
  02/01/2018                                             Tom B. Saunders IV

  The posse is saddened to hear that Tom B Saunders IV has passed away. He is a posse, community, and ranching history legend,
  an icon for our western heritage. He is the son of one of out founding/charter members, Tom B Saunders III. His son Thomas Saunders
  is also an active member of the posse. The Saunders ranching history covers 6 generations of ranchers. Please keep his family in your
  prayers during this sad time.
  o Tom B joined the posse in 1974, member for 44 years.
  o He received his 25 year award in 1999.
  o He received his 40 year award in 2014.
  Memorial Service Wednesday, Feb 7, 3:30, First United Methodist Church, 800 5th St, Ft Worth.
___Captain Finch
  01/27/2018                                             Ronnie Davis
  Just got word that Ronnie Davis' mother has passed away. Please keep Ronnie and his family
  in your prayers.

  12/25/2017                                              Gary Grote, DVM
  The Posse is saddened for the loss of Dr. Gary Grote, DVM, who passed away early this morning.
  Long time Posse member, friend, and veterinarian.
  Please keep his family in your prayers.
  Happy trails my friend.