Parker County Sherriff's Posse

  07/24/2020                                            Troy Rogers

Please put Troy Rogers on your prayer list, as his dad had been placed on hospice, also Troy is
   helping Herb (Posse member) and Ann Fowler, his uncle and aunt.

  07/23/2020                                            Charles McFarland

Please put Charles McFarland's dad, Herbert McFarland on your prayer list, he is in the Palo Pinto
   nursering home, tested positive for COVID. This is a terrible virus, and pray for a vacinne & treatment.

  07/12/2020                                            Don Gill

Don Gill He has a bad night...Doctor’s decided to give him another round of plasma
   and his second of 5 doses of Remdasivere (I probably do not have that spelled
   correctly)but they had to take the mask off and now have him on a bi-pap oxygen. His
   fever also came back. I ask that if you feel led to please lift him up in your prayers.
   Not being able to be with him is a torture all in itsel
 Brenda Gill
   Please keep Don and his family in your prayers, remember praying for
   someone else is very powerful.
   ___Bill Ward

  06/28/2020                                            Roy Glen Densmore

The Posse is saddened by the loss of one of our longtime members, Roy Glen Densmore. Please keep his wife Kathy
   and his family in your prayers during this sad time.
   Glen joined the Posse in 1962, served as Wrangler in 1966, served as Corral Boss in 1969, received his 25 Year Award
   in 1987, received his 40 Year Award in 2002, received his 50 Year Award in 2012. His daughter Sindy served as Sweet
   Heart in 1977.

  06/03/2020                                            Tommy Newberry

The Posse is saddened by the loss of one of our longtime members, Tommy Newberry. Please keep his wife Debbie
   and his family in your prayers.
   Visitation is Sunday, June 7, 6-8 pm, at Galbraith Pickard
   Service will be Monday, June 8, 10 am Greenwood Baptist Church.
   He joined the Posse in 1987, Wrangler 1990, Lieutenant 1991, Corral Boss 1999.
   Presented 25 year award in 2012, 30 year award in 2017.
  06/03/2020                                            Maurice Curfman

Please keep Maurice Curfman in your prayers, as he is in rehab, continues to battle health challenges.


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