Parker County Sherriff's Posse

  07/24/2020                                            Troy Rogers

Please put Troy Rogers and his family on your prayer list, Troy lost his dad.

  07/23/2020                                            Charles McFarland

Please put Charles McFarland's dad, Herbert McFarland on your prayer list, he is in the Palo Pinto
   nursering home, tested positive for COVID. This is a terrible virus, and pray for a vacinne & treatment.

  07/12/2020                                            Don Gill

Don Gill He has a bad night...Doctor’s decided to give him another round of plasma
   and his second of 5 doses of Remdasivere (I probably do not have that spelled
   correctly)but they had to take the mask off and now have him on a bi-pap oxygen. His
   fever also came back. I ask that if you feel led to please lift him up in your prayers.
   Not being able to be with him is a torture all in itsel
 Brenda Gill
   Please keep Don and his family in your prayers, remember praying for
   someone else is very powerful.
   ___Bill Ward

  06/03/2020                                            Maurice Curfman

Please keep Maurice Curfman in your prayers, as he is in rehab, continues to battle health challenges.


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