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Noel Bryan

Noel Bryan 60 Year Award

Dr. Noel Bryan DVM received his 60 year award in 2019.

He is a cowboy and a veterinarian. He graduated from A & M in 1950, becoming the only licensed veterinarian in Parker County and several adjoining counties.

He joined the Posse in 1959, serving several positions for the Posse, including Wrangler in 1962, Lieutenant in 1964, Captain 1988. He received his 25 Year Awad in 1984, 40 Year Award in 1999, 50 Year Award in 2009, and the prestigious 60 Year Award in 2019.

His contribution and leadership to the Posse is remarkable. He rode with the Posse for many years, including Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, WO in 2012 at age 85. He and his wife Jean have been leading citizens of our community in many ways. Dr. Bryan provided veterinarian service for more than 60 years, and loved by many animal owners.

Thanks Dr. Bryan.