Posse Facility Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a non posse member rent the building?
A. Yes, the facility is available for rent by the public age 21 or above.

Q. What is the maximum amount of guest per event?
A. The building has a maximum capacity of 450 and we have seating for 328 guests.

Q. Are tables and chairs available?
A. Yes, we have 24 round tables and 17 rectangular tables and 328 white folding chairs.

Q. Who is responsible for setup and cleanup of the event?
A. The renter is responsible for setup and cleanup within the guidelines of the contract.

Q. If I canceled, would I get a refund?
A. Yes and no, if cancellations are received at least 45 days before the event any rental fees paid will be returned, however the damage deposit/reservation fee will not be returned.

Q. Can I use the facility the day before the event, to make my setup or day after for cleanup?
A. Yes, however, there will be a charge of 50 percent of the rental price for each additional day.

Q. Is there a kitchen available?
A. Yes, but the kitchen may be used only for warming foods, no cooking is allowed.

Q. Can I have live music or a disc jockey?
A. Yes, but all music must end by 12 midnight Sunday through Friday, and by 1 a.m. on Saturday.

Q. Is smoking allowed?
A. No, it is a smoke free facility. This includes all covered porch areas and public entrances.

Q. Can we have alcohol at our event?
A. Yes, in plastic and can containers only, no glass and no selling of alcohol beverages of any kind.

Q. Do we have to have security officers?
A. Yes, there is a requirement for 1 security guard regardless of alcohol being served. If alcohol is served, additional officers are required. The officers will be provided by the PCSP and paid by the renter. It is at the Posses discretion as to the number of security guards required for your event.

Q. Do I pay for the security officer?
A. Yes, it is $ 35.00 per hour, per officer, and due on the day of the event, payable to the officer.

Q. Are animals allowed?
A. No, except those assisting mobility challenged individuals.

Q. Are decorations allowed?
A. Yes, standalone and table decorations are allowed but nothing may be attached to the inside or outside of the building.

Q. When are the fees due?
A. Reservation/damage deposit fee of 50% of the rental price is due at reservation. 50% of the rental fee is due 90 days prior to the event. 50% of the rental fee is due 10 days prior to the event. Security guard fees are due the day of and prior to the start of the event.

Q. When do I get my damage deposit back?
A. After inspection of the facilities following the event and found to be in proper order, your damage/cleanup deposit will be returned. Please allow 10 days for processing.

Q. Are caterers allowed?
A. Yes, caterers should have certain responsibilities however ultimately the renter is responsible for all guests, employees and contractors.