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Founding and the 1940s



An idea conceived by Rancher J.Y. Crum, supported by manufacturer Roger Williams and promptly endorsed by eleven other ranchers and businessmen of Parker County brought into being the birth of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, an organization typically Texan that could, would, and has to this day preserved the southern flavored Western traditions of 140 year old Parker County.

These thirteen men who comprised the original membership of the newly organized Posse were as follows: J.Y. CrumFletcher DaltonMarsh FarmerWalker GoodAaron HaysForest LindsayDave HudsonFrank McEntireCullen RobinsonLoyd SmithTom B. SaundersRoger Williams, and L.T. Wood.

On January 13, 1947, their first official meeting held in the office of Roger Williams Manufacturing Co., Weatherford, twelve attended with one absentee proxy. From this group the officers were chosen, namely: Aaron Hays, Captain; J.Y. Crum, Lieut.; Roger Williams, Sec.-Treas.; Fletcher Dalton, Corral Boss; and Walker Good, Wrangler. The High Sheriff, John F. Young, automatically became Honorary Leader of the Posse. January 20th this group “13 strong” met and agreed to a maximum membership of 20 in order to apply for a state charter. The following seven men accepted next into the Posse during this Historic Period of organization were: Jack Borden, Walter CarawayBarney PhillipsFerd SlocumRay SmythH.K. Whaley, and S. A. Wheeler.

During the following week a third meeting was held. The Charter was applied for by the Posse’s attorney Jack Borden, and Tom Saunders was appointed to draft the Constitution and By-Laws. Meeting dates were set to be the first Monday of each month and the place of meeting to be the basement room of Williams Manufacturing company. The membership quota was raised to 40 and the Posse’s purpose as set forth in its charter was to be as follows:

“To foster interest among its members in keeping alive the true traditions of the Old West, a sacred heritage of all Texans; to promote good fellowship, good sportsmanship and a greater interest, both social and civic, in their community; to assist the High Sheriff, upon his request, to quell a riot, a disturbance or any emergency deemed necessary by the Sheriff in calling upon this Posse to assist in the protection of his jurisdiction. The policies of this Sheriff’s Posse shall at all times be in harmony with the policies of other towns’ and counties’ Sheriff’s Posses, Riding Clubs and Horse Breeders Associations in the mutual promotion of good horsemanship and good Texas Horses.”

Interest and activities were growing by leaps and bounds, larger quarters were required for their meetings and dinners. Headquarters of the Posse were moved to the American Legion building, but after operating there for months, paying rent, it was decided to purchase land and eventually construct their own headquarters. The membership was again raised to 60, comprising 50 active and 10 honorary members. In order to accomplish this, the following additional members were admitted into the Posse during its first year of organization: J.B. BanksHerman CarrJack SiscoBuck Caraway, H. CalhounDan DurrettHolley CarawayHerb DobbWayne EllisDouglas FainGeorge GlascockBert Herrin C.R. Hull, Volney Hildreth, Jess hall Jr, W.B. Kaiser, Charles Merritt, Marshal Nash, Roger Prater, Bob Rothel, Ted Rea, George Shaw, G.T. Shaw Jr, Morris Sands,  Jeff  Slocum, Acme Shaw, F.A. SmithWillard ThomasRobert WoodHenry Wittmer, Jr., Floyd Tinsley, Jr., M.C. Tinsley. The 1947 Honorary Members: E.B. CartwrightGeorge FantE.A. GroganRobert GalbreaithDr. B.W. KorgesFred SmithA.W. SlocumE.A. Thomas, Sr., and O.C. Whitaker.

The first Sweethearts to represent the Posse were Dorothy Wheeler and Sammie Good Walker. The first parade participated in by the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse was the March 1947, Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Opening Day Parade. The first barbecue attended as a group was on the Crum-Farmer Ranch and their first rodeo participated in as contestants was the Saunders Ranch Rodeo. Other activities that first year of organization were to sponsor a matched Roping between members of the Posse and outsiders. Posse members won. The Posse also participated in the Mineral Wells, Weatherford Lions club and Ranger Rodeos. The year 1947 ended with the purchase of the present site of 37 acres for permanent headquarters. The area at the time of purchase was a post oak and mesquite infested abandoned peach orchard – which was cleared mostly by horseback members with stout lariat ropes.


Tom Saunders, Capt., Ferd Slocum, Lieut., Walter Caraway, Sec.-Treas., Walker Good, Corral Boss, Satchel, Wrangler, and Margaret Jenkins, Sweetheart.  The club house was built. Parker County Frontier Days Celebration and Rodeo was created and held for the first time in Red Wood‘s arena. The Posse reached national fame through magazine and press publicity. Family and stag nights were originated, the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse became the first Posse in history to receive a special introduction at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show Rodeo. The membership was increased to 75 and the following active and honorary members were accepted in 1948: Andy Bowden, T.B. Knox, D.G. Talbot, Dr. Carl Whalen, Jim Whitsett, Charles D. Branson, C.R. Byers, Clifford W. Dobbs, Pat Eddleman, Weldon Jordan, Bill McDavid, L.A. McKenney, Ralph D. Martin, John Miles, Robert S. Muir, S.W. Nash, Jack Pickard, Sam Saunderson, E.A. Thomas, Jr., and Carl Yeary. In addition to participating in the 1948 Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, the Posse rode in the Weatherford and Mineral Wells Pioneer Day parades. The Posse also attended the Saunders Ranch Rodeo, Milling, Cowtown, B & P W, Corsicana, and Cleburne rodeos and the Movie Premier of  Red River.


Ferd Slocum, Capt., H. Calhoun, Lieut., Willard Thomas, Sec.-Treas., Herman Carr, Corral Boss, Bob Rothel, Wranglerand Jane Venita Saunders, Sweetheart.   The Posse became affiliated with the National Cutting Horse Association and invited to Madison Square Garden, New York for the Lions Club International convention. Arena construction began. New members accepted into the Posse during the years 1949-1950 and the first half of 1951 were as follows: Couts Holland, E. Lee Patterson, Paul W. Bloss, J.C. Britton, L.C. Byrd, C.T. Duncan, Wild Bill Elliott, T.R. Frost, Jess Hall, Sr., Loyd Jinkens, T.C. Jenkins, M.O. Killion, Jr., J.C. Minyard, Don H. Parker, Boley Pearson, Louis A. Peoples, Louis Powers, James G. Staples, Sid Lanier and Voyt Williams.



Walter Caraway, Capt., H.K. Whaley, Lieut., Couts Holland, Sec.-Treas., J.Y. Crum, Corral Boss, Frank McEntire, Wranglerand Sammie Good, Sweetheart.  Completion of all steel arena, at a cost of $10,000.00. Rustic horse stalls constructed and the third annual Frontier Days Rodeo held in arena.


H.K. Whaley, Capt., Morris Sands, Lieut., Bob Galbreaith, Sec-Treas., J.C. Britton, Corral Boss, Bob S. Muir, Wrangler, and Shirley Sanders, Sweetheart.  Louis A. Peoples, the second Sheriff to become an honorary officer. Posse member Bob Rothel won Pony Express Sweepstakes during premier of movie “Fort Worth”. Posse attended Santa Rosa Roundup as a group. Loaned grounds to F.F.A. for Livestock Show. Welcomed General MacArthur to West Texas. The following new members joined in late 1951 -early 1952: Lester BaileyC.D. BodifordCleo BodifordJames BodifordLeonard DixonRupert KindelUrban MorrisEugene PolserAlf TeneyckD.E. Upton and L.S. Young.


Morris Sands, Capt., C.T. Duncan, Lieut., Boley Pearson, Sec-Treas., Wayne Ellis, Corral Boss, L.A. McKenney, Wrangler, and Sharon Hildreth, Sweetheart.   More members’ stalls constructed, clubhouse painted and the grounds landscaped. Membership limit was raised to 100 members. Members that joined in late 1952 and early 1953: Earl BarberJack BrannumLoyd HinkleL.D. MurrayDoyce NashRay PaffordGeorge ReadO.B. Stephens and Jim C. Wright, Jr.


H. Calhoun, Capt., Jack Pickard, Lieut., Charles Branson, Sec.-Treas., Charles Merritt, Corral Boss, Barney Phillips, Wrangler, and Linda Slocum, Sweetheart. Built rustic western fence in front of clubhouse; created cowboys Christmas Ball and started permanent arena grandstands. Members that joined in late 1953 and early 1954: H.E. CopelandO.T. DavisJ.B. GoldenPaul HuffmanC.K.S. Russum.


Loyd Hinkle, Capt., Weldon Jordan, Lieut., Eugene Polser, Sec.-Treas., Bob Rothel, Corral Boss, C.R. Hull, Wrangler, and Peggy Pafford, Sweetheart. Completed grandstands, built first Livestock barn and the Palmetto Polo team was formed. Members that joined in late 1954 and early 1955: Alvah AllenKenneth DaleyCharles Johnson.


Ray Pafford, Capt.; Charles Merritt, Lieut.; L.D. Murray, Sec./Treas.; Floyd Tinsley, Jr., Corral Boss; L.S. Young, Wrangler; Sheriff John F. Young, Honorary Officer; and Gail Bowden, Sweetheart. Very active year, Constitution and By-Laws revised, successful Frontier Days, additional Livestock barn built to enlarge Livestock Show. Members who joined in late 1955 and early 1956: Pete Kelly, Luke Massingale, Malcolm Maupin, Curby Mirike, W.D. Newberry, Jr., W.R. Riddle, Jr., D. Rockwell, Charles Sullivan, Hoot Walker.


Ray Smyth, Capt.; Bill Murray, Lieut.; Bill Newberry, Jr., Sec./Treas.; Couts Holland, Corral Boss; J.G. Golden, Wrangler; and Linda Hildreth, Sweetheart. Frontier Days Centennial Celebration. Additional arena pens built. State and National attention again focused on Parker County Sheriff’s Posse on “Wide Wide World” television show. New members who joined in late1956 and early 1957: Walter Carter, Elmer D. Hall, Harry Hopkins, D. Hutcheson, R.J. Muir, Sam Skiles.


Couts Holland, Capt.; Floyd Tinsley, Jr., Lieut.; Loyd Young, Sec./Treas.; Barney Phillips, Corral Boss; Walter Carter, Wrangler; and Saundra Copeland, Sweetheart. Saw the inauguration of a Calf Scramble for FFA Youths of Parker County; holding of the first FFA Junior Rodeo in area; drilling of water well for Livestock Show Barns. New members who joined in late 1957 and early 1958: Elwood Hamilton, Jack Knox, Tommy  Mirike, W.N. Smith, Billie Joe Smith.


Floyd Tinsley, Jr., Capt.; L.S. Young, Lieut.; S.E. Skiles, Sec./Treas.; W.R. Riddle, Jr., Corral Boss; Ferd Slocum, Wrangler; and Dorisan Carr, Sweetheart. Saw the construction of a new concession stand on Posse Grounds, erecting of all-steel sign at Posse entrance. New members who joined in late1958 and early 1959: J.T. McLaughlin, Jack Vincent.


Acme Shaw, Capt.; Boley Pearson, Lieut.; Charles Johnson, Sec./Treas.; Doyle Hutcheson, Corral Boss; Luke Massingale, Wrangler; and Kay Bodiford, Sweetheart. Completion of covered judging arena for Livestock Show and a most successful Frontier Days Rodeo. New members who joined in late 1959 and early 1960: J.P. Binion, J.T. Brackeen, Jr., Dr. Noel A. Bryan, Edgar Bowden, Coy Carter, R.H. Cartledge, Jr., J.W. Ford, Norman Gibson, Herman Stroud, Bill McDavid, Jr., J.B. Rankin.



L.D. Bill Murray, Capt.; Wayne Ellis, Lieut.; J.W. Ford, Sec./Treas.; Tommy Mirike, Corral Boss; Weldon Jordan, Wrangler; and Juda Bodiford, Sweetheart. Built an additional concession stand, and enlarged ticket office. Purchase of additional acreage to facilitate parking. Addition to Livestock Show barn for additional show stalls. New members who joined in late 1960 and early 1961: Dr.Thomas Abney, R.J. Kelly, Jr., J.W. Sallee, B.M. Taylor.


Boley Pearson, Capt.; Jack Vincent, Lieut.; John Brackeen, Sec./Treas.; J.P. Binion, Corral Boss; Norman Gibson, Wrangler; and Barbara Binion, Sweetheart. Sheriff Coy Carter, Honorary Officer. A new building to house the Parker County Livestock Show was constructed. Rodeo Ticket Office was enlarged. Trail Ride to Mineral Wells was inaugurated as an annual event for the Posse. New members who joined in late 1961 and early 1962: Henry Maddux, Wade Moore.


Charles F. Merritt, Capt.; Eugene Polser, Lieut.; Ernest J. Williams, Sec./Treas.; Sam Skiles, Corral Boss; Dr. Noel Bryan, Wrangler; and Patricia Bowden, Sweetheart. Roping and cutting calves were purchased for members use. Breast harnesses of blue with P.C.S.P. inscribed in white were purchased for members and sweethearts. A runway was constructed entering arena. Floors in club were refinished. New members who joined in late 1962 and early 1963: Kennie Ray Clark, Roy Glen Densmore, Bill Jordan, Jack Matthews, Richard Sharpe, Jack Standley.


Weldon Jordan, Capt.; J.W. Ford, Lieut.; Richard Sharpe, Sec./Treas.; Ed Bowden, Corral Boss; Bob J. Muir, Wrangler; and Helen Pickard, Sweetheart. Roads on Posse grounds were paved. The clubhouse was remodeled and repainted inside. A preservative was applied to arena bleachers. Trophy case was built in clubhouse. New members who joined in late 1963 and early 1964: Jim Calhoun, James A. Carter, J.D. Garner, Jim L. Hemphill, Don Howard, Bob Lasater, David McDavid, Dr. Robert E. Phillips, Ben E. Taylor, W.G. Vincent, Herman Woodard, Dr. Bob Yeary.


Eugene R. Polser, Capt.; Dr. Noel Bryan, Lieut.; Jack Standley, Sec./Treas.; Urban Morris, Corral Boss; J.B. Golden, Wrangler; and Marcia Merritt, Sweetheart. Entire arena facilities were repaired and painted. Additional arena lights were installed and power poles were relocated to improve entire lighting system. Membership limit was raised to 125. New members who joined in late 1964 and early 1965: Rex Bryant, Melvin Mosley, E.A. Patterson, Jr., Forrest G. Reid, Mike Sands, Ferd T. Slocum, Lonnie Wallis, L.R. Sullivan.


Edgar Bowden, Capt.; Jack Standley, Lieut.; Dr. Robert E. Phillips, Sec./Treas.; Richard Sharpe, Corral Boss; J.D. Garner, Wrangler; and Janie Duncan, Sweetheart. Many parades attended. Annual Trail Ride to Mineral Wells attended by 200 horseback riders making 18 mile trip. Posse welcomed home town girl Mary Martin to Texas for “Hello Dolly“. Received National recognition on T.V. Sponsored Parker County Night at Texas State Fair Music Hall for “Hello Dolly” opening. Very successful Rodeo. New members who joined in late 1965 and early 1966: John Henry Dean, III, Homer Dowd, Chuck Durant, Buddy Newsome, A.D.White, Walter Worthington.


Henry Maddux, Capt.; Bill Jordan, Lieut.; Mike Sands, Sec./Treas.; Woody Reid, Corral Boss; Roy Glen Densmore, Wrangler; and Linda Pearson, Sweetheart. Arena improved, ground roads graveled. 18th Annual Special Event introduction during Posse’s Traditional Last Sunday Weatherford and Parker County Day of the Fort Worth Stock Show. Another successful Frontier Days. First time to participate in San Antonio’s Battle of Flowers, San Jacinto Day Parade. New members who joined in late 1966 and early 1967: Charles Durham, Ronnie Liming, Doyle Lindley, Bobby Smith, M.C. Thomas, Jim L. Waugh.


Forrest G. Reid, Capt.; Mike Sands, Lieut.; Homer M. Dowd, Sec./Treas.; Lonnie Wallis, Corral Boss, Buddy Sullivan, Wrangler; and Pat Matthews, Sweetheart. Metal Fence constructed around Livestock Show area. Celebrated 20th Anniversary with Open House. New members joining in late 1967 and early 1968: James T. Barnett, Hardin Moore, R.D. Todd, Sammy Nash.


Sammie Skiles, Capt.; Lonnie Wallis, Lieut.; James Barnett, Sec./Treas.; Melvin Mosely, Corral Boss; A.D. White, Wrangler; and Diane Binion, Sweetheart. Activities for the year were: remodeled caretakers house, repaired well and well house, poured concrete slabs for all gateways. Built outside steps leading up to announcer’s stand. Covered announcer’s stand. Participated in Battle of Flowers Parade in San Antonio and the Lions International Convention parade in Dallas. Host to Miss Dominion of Canada, Miss Nancy Wilson, for the Frontier Days Celebration and Rodeo. Had largest attendance and gate for rodeo in history of the PCSP. Had largest livestock show and sale ever. Assisted in planning and staging the first Weatherford Junior College “All College” rodeo. Revised and adopted a new constitution and by-laws for the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse.


Dr. John T. Brackeen, Jr., Capt.; James Wilson Carter, Lieut.; Hardin Moore, Sec./Treas.; Roy Glen Densmore, Corral Boss; Buddy Newsome, Wrangler; and Pam Pearson, Sweetheart. Projects accomplished in 1969 were: an additional five acres were graveled for parking area, and addition was built for main Lions’ Club concession stand, new lights were installed to light new parking area and to provide better lighting for existing parking area, a covered walk way was built under North and South stands. New members accepted into Posse in 1969 were: D.C. (Dude) Woodruff, Herbert Fowler, Bill Ward.


.S. Young, Capt., Jimmy Hemphill, Lieut., Buddy Newsome, Sec.-Treas., Bob Rothel, Corral Boss, Coy Carter, Wrangler, and Janis Binion, Sweetheart. Activities and improvements for the year included replacing Flag Pole. R.L. Dugan, Kenneth Hamilton, and Frank Thompson were inducted as new members.


Walter Worthington, Capt., Coy Carter, Lieut., Ben Grogan, Sec., Ray Todd, Corral Boss, R.L. Dugan, Wrangler, L.S. Young, Immediate Past Capt., Andra Riddle, Sweetheart. Improvements for the year included a new rodeo secretary’s office building at the back of arena. We also participated in a weekend trip to San Antonio for the Battle of the Flowers Parade. Weatherford College had another successful rodeo. New members for this year were: Dr. Edgar E. Moore, Martin R. Brown, Evan Moore, III, Gillis Brown, J.T. Jones, Calvin Berry, Mel Mallory, David Rockwell, Robert W. Wilson, Bill Morton, J.G. “Buck” Thomas, and Ben Grogan.


Jimmy Hemphill, Capt., J.P. Binion, Lieut., Ben Grogan, Sec.-Treas., Hardin Moore, Corral Boss, Marvin Thomas, Wrangler, Eugene Polser, Director, L.R. Sullivan, Director, J.W. Carter, Director, J.W. Ford, Director, Wade Moore, Director, Bobby Pearson, Director, Jack Pickard, Director, Cheryl Woodruff, Sweetheart. Activities for the year: major repair of club house, (which included rewiring, installation of tile flooring, replaced roofing, plumbing in club house and on grounds replaced), secured addition to livestock barn and started reconstruction of barn destroyed by wind storm. Posse attended Battle of Flowers parade, made an extended trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the first time. New members were Don Woodruff, Vaughn Mader, and J.W. Pickard.


W.R. Riddle, Jr., Capt., J.D. Garner, Lieut., Ben Grogan, Sec.-Treas., Bob Perkins, Corral Boss, D.C. Woodruff, Wrangler, Bob Austin, Director, Charles Moncrief, Director, Wade Moore, Director, Eugene Polser, Director, L.R. Sullivan, Director, L.S. Young, Director, and Sheron Vincent and Debbie Vincent, Sweethearts. Bought caretaker house and moved it in, built new show barn for livestock show. Activities for the year included participation by invitation of Governor Dolph Briscoe to ride in the Governor’s Inaugural Parade, Battle of Flower Parade in San Antonio, Texas, and riding in the Parade for the State Fair of New Mexico in Albuquerque. New members Douglas Finch, Charles Moncrief, David Nash, R.G. (Bob) Perkins, Jerry Thomas, Mike Thomas, Claud Tschoepe, Bennet Piester.


Bill Jordan, Capt., Charles Moncrief, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., Mel Mallory, Corral Boss, J.G. Thomas, Wrangler, and Nancy Carter, Sweetheart. Activities for the year 1974 included the completion of major repairs and reconditioning of the recently purchased caretaker’s house and the letting of a contract of a new livestock show arena and barn. Financial assistance on this was received from the Weatherford Lions’ Club. One of the more successful years was climaxed by the annual Livestock Show and Rodeo under Captain Bill Jordan, the son of a former captain, Weldon Jordan (1963). This is the first father and son to have led the Posse. The Posse suffered the tragic loss of one of its outstanding members, Mr. Tom B. Saunders, III, one of Parker County’s longtime ranchers and Posse boosters. Mr. Saunders initiated and drafted the original constitution and by-laws for the Posse, with the legal assistance of Jack Borden. He is credited with initiating the idea of a general souvenir program of the Parker County Frontier Days Celebration, which he edited for many years with much research and originality. He served as Captain of the Posse in 1948. New members for this year were Jerry Durant, Wayland Wright, Perry Mader, Monty Wiggins, Bob Elder, Kenneth Danly, William Stanford Heatly, Tom B. Saunders, IV, Tom Riddle, Holton Riddle, and Tony Lavite.


Dude Woodruff, Capt., Bill Morton, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., Vaughn Mader, Corral Boss, Holton Riddle, Wrangler, and Jeannie McWhorter, Sweetheart. The year 1975 saw the successful completion of a spacious and much needed new show barn and the repairing and remodeling of others. A fencing project was started from the highway up to and around the Headquarters Building. The hog parlor started earlier was finished and approval received from the Board of Directors for new restrooms to be built. The Posse suffered a great loss at the death of one of its outstanding members, Mr. Acme Shaw, a longtime rancher in the South part of Parker County. He served faithfully for many years on a number of committees and served as Posse Captain in 1959. New members for the year: Gary Grote, M.E. (Buck) Middleton. Charles E. (Chuck) Wetherell, Rasie Ward, and Bill Worden. The Posse participated in parades at San Angelo, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as many others closer to home.


Marvin Thomas, Capt., Don Woodruff, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., Thomas Riddle, Corral Boss, Herbert Fowler, Wrangler, Sheri Riddle, Sweetheart. The Posse Grounds were improved with new restrooms for both the men and women. New overnight steel holding pens for bucking stock were built. The ladies’ restroom in the clubhouse was also remodeled. The Posse lost a long-time sheriff and friend, John Young, who praised the Posse in every way and having been sheriff 14 years out of the 30 the Posse has been organized. New members for the year: Mike Cosgrove, LeRoy Schoonover, Don Gill, Rick Merritt, Bob Danits, Francis Nichols, Fred Thomas, James R. Michaels, Randy Anderson, Billy R. Cain, Nick Hays, Bennie Peacock, Maurice Curfman, and Robert Hall, Honorary Member. The Posse traveled to San Angelo, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as many other places closer to home.


Don Woodruff, Capt., Martin Brown, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., R.L. Dugan, Corral Boss, Douglas Finch, Wrangler, Sindy Densmore, Sweetheart. The Posse Grounds were improved by building pens and installing scales for livestock on the west end of the Livestock Show Barns. The Posse suffered a great loss at the death of one of its outstanding members, Ferd Slocum, a lifetime rancher of Cresson, Texas. New members for the year: Jay Brown and Wm. A. Veselka. The Posse traveled to San Angelo, Texas, Dallas State Fair Rodeo, as well as many other places closer to home.


Martin Brown, Capt., Wayland Wright, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., Maurice Curfman, Corral Boss, Francis Nichols, Wrangler, and Darla Finch, Sweetheart. Fencing projects and arena improvements were completed with the addition of a seating area for wheel chairs. The Winston Scoreboard was obtained for the rodeo and the water system was expanded. A gas well was drilled on the posse grounds. The Posse participated in the Battle of Flowers Parade in San Antonio, the Texas State Fair in Dallas, the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport, and in several other local parades. New members for the year were Bob Lambert, Mack Young, Lewis Wayne Ellis, Pat Hamilton, Phil Livingston.


Thomas Riddle, Capt., Perry Mader, Lieut., Wilson Pickard, Sec.-Treas., Buck Thomas, Corral Boss, Leroy Schoonover, Wrangler, Kenneth Hamilton, Sweetheart. Accomplishments for 1979: painted arena seats for the first time and built shed to cover scales for FFA barn. New members for 1979: Clarence Bevers, Harold Swain, Troy Sessums, Ernie Rutledge, Larry Peck, Larry Nash, James Mathison, and Jim Duncan.



Coy Carter, Capt.; Ken Hamilton, Lieut.; Wilson Pickard, Sec./Treas.; Benny Peacock, Corral Boss; Bob Lambert, Wrangler; and Becky Newsome, Sweetheart. Accomplishments in 1980 were: drilled water well for FFA barns, paved walkway under the bleachers and walkway to clubhouse, replaced some light poles and lights at the arena and began enlarging clubhouse. Participated in several parades and won new trophies for posse. New members for 1980: Henry GremmingerBill ToddRichard WilliamsonChuck BradfordKelly Joe BarnettJoe JohnsonJack AlexanderBob MageeMax Massengale, and Darrel Young.


Holton Riddle, Capt.; Francis Nichols, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Bill Veselka, Corral Boss; Larry Nash, Wrangler; Beverly Nichols, Sweetheart. Built new Captain’s box at Rodeo Arena; began work on an equipment shed; laid new carpet in caretaker’s home; continued work on remodeling and enlarging clubhouse. New members elected: Dale BallardRobert HardinJoe Dunn.


Kenneth Hamilton, Capt.; Leroy Schoonover, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Larry Peck, Corral Boss; Ernie B. Rutledge, Wrangler; Lisa Nash, Sweetheart. Hired a new caretaker, Mr. James McCann; completed construction of Director’s meeting room; completed construction of new equipment shed; constructed new restrooms at Rodeo Arena; constructed a cover over the bandstand at the Rodeo Arena; installed air conditioners in clubhouse and caretaker’s house; painted all buildings on Posse grounds and repainted all signs; and started construction of dance slab at Rodeo Arena. New members elected: Terry JohnsonJoe BaileyAaron CoxJohn WesthoffJimmy FreemanCraig Peacock, and Chuck Hamilton.


Perry Mader, Capt.; Jerry Durant, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; David Elders, Corral Boss; Mike Thomas, Wrangler; Laurie Elders, Sweetheart. Fencing improvements and arena projects were completed including the addition of the caretaker’s box seats and a grand entry lane. A large concrete slab was built and the street dance was moved from College Park Shopping Center to the Posse Grounds. The Posse participated in several parades including the inaugural parade for Governor Mark White. New members for 1983: Wayne BryantJoe ErnstMac SmithMelvin Dale.


Jerry Durant, Capt.; R.L. Dugan, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Max Massengale, Corral Boss; David Nash, Wrangler; Rick Merritt, Rodeo Committee Chairman, Rissa Thomas, Sweetheart. Increased size of Livestock Show Barns, built lake and installed irrigation for arena. New members elected: Curtis GuessBill PedigoKirk MartinBlaine PeacockMelvin DaleThomas LackieMonty Kemp, and also, Sam Nash and Walter Worthington re-joined.


Mike Thomas, Capt.; Larry Peck, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Ernie Rutledge, Corral Boss; Terry Johnson, Wrangler; Brenda Gill, Sweetheart. Began replacement of old wooden bleachers with aluminum seats; built new fence on west side of Posse grounds; purchased longhorn steers and held weekly team ropings; began Ray Smyth Memorial Cutting with members donating cattle, held in place of Quarter Horse ShowDon Edwards entertained at the street dance and two nights after the rodeo; largest attendance and gate to date for rodeo. New members elected: Joe Ross, Avery “Butch” Morris, Earl D. Fletcher, Bill Piatnitza, Tommy Thomas, and Cleatus Wright.


Leroy Schoonover, Capt.; Dale Ballard, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Jerry Thomas, Corral Boss; Fred Thomas, Wrangler; Michelle Woodruff, Sweetheart. Installed new lighting system. Built restrooms at dance slab. Rebuilt new fence on southwest side of bull pen. Built new walkway on west end of bleachers at contestant area. The Posse participated in several Sesquicentennial Parades. Led the Texas Wagon Train into Fort Worth and the Lone Star Wagon Train out of Weatherford. The Posse suffered a great loss at the death of three of its outstanding members, Andy Bowden, Ray Smyth, charter member of the Posse, a lifetime rancher of Aledo, Texas, and first president of NCHA, and D.E. Upton, owner and operator of Dorsey Grains. New members accepted into Posse in 1986 were Phillip Schutts, James Young, Earl Pope, and Jerry Wilhelm.


Rick Merritt, Capt.; Ernie B. Rutledge, Lieut.; Terry Johnson, Sec./Treas.; Harold Swain, Corral Boss; Melvin Dale, Wrangler; and Devonna Ballard, Sweetheart. In 1987, we rebuilt the ticket office to include a shed for our Stage Coach. We also finished the north side bleachers with aluminum and bought the aluminum for the south side. New members were Mark Binion, Bill Cooper, Tommy Newberry, Mike Paschal, Tim Riddle, and Earl Pope. Members receiving 25 Year Award were Roy Glen Densmore and Bill Jordan. A reunion of the past sweethearts was held with a number of the past sweethearts and Captains there. Many thanks to Donice Nichols, Beverly Nichols, Andra Riddle, and Devonna Ballard along with many others who helped with this.


Noel Bryan, Capt.; Herbert Fowler, Lieut.; Martin Brown, Sec./Treas.; Butch Morris, Corral Boss; Don Gill, Wrangler; Cindy Thomas, Sweetheart. In 1988, a water truck was purchased, painted, and lettered. An Inaugural Cutting Horse Show, a Barrel Racing Contest, and two Team Pennings were initiated and produced solely by the Posse. The ticket office was renovated and paneled, and new signs were painted. A project was introduced to sell signs for advertisement that lined the arena and chute gates. The seven events of the rodeo were sold to advertisers. The posse ground pens and stalls were painted, and the stagecoach was repainted and lettered. The south side bleacher’s aluminum seats were installed, and the old porch on the clubhouse was replaced with a new concrete porch. The first team of Belgian horses were purchased. The Charter members of the Posse were introduced at the Rodeo and recognized with plaques. There were some new pre-Rodeo attractions such as “Cloggers” and drill teams. The Posse attended the International Realtors Convention at Northside, and parades at San Angelo and Abilene and several surrounding towns. The Parker County Livestock Association built a new restroom facility. The Posse was saddened by the loss of several members – Edgar Bowden, J.T. Jones, Jack Pickard, and Bonna M. Taylor. New members were George Slaughter IV, R.D. Meyers III, Steve Rogers, Billy Cain, Bob Muir, Jim Calhoun Jr., and Brookes Worthington.


Herbert Fowler, Capt.; Butch Morris, Lieut.; Martin Brown, Sec./Treas.; Earl Fletcher, Corral Boss; Cleatus Wright, Wrangler; Jennifer Morris, Posse Sweetheart. In 1989 the major projects that were initiated and completed were the major expansion of the parking lots, the replacing of the large water trough at the rear of the bucking chutes, repairing the dirt tank dam spillway, clearing land and sprigging coastal grass near the dirt tank. The second team of Belgian horses were purchased. Much time and effort was given to the repair and replacement of individual stalls, and Posse facilities damaged during a spring storm. For the first time the Posse participated in the Fiesta Flambeau Parade in San Antonio, Texas and received a 3rd place plaque out of over 200 entries. The Posse was again saddened by the loss of members Wayne Ellis, E.A. Patterson and L.S. Young. The new members installed were Jim Calhoun Jr., Robert D. Muir, Judd Jordan, Rodney McAnear, Arlie Ashley, and Jamie French.



Herman Woodard, Capt.; Don Gill, Lieut.; Martin Brown, Sec.; Tim Riddle, Corral Boss; Tommy Newberry, Wrangler; Kenneth Danley, Rodeo Chairman; and Amy Peacock, Sweetheart. The accidental death of 4-year old Tana Danley, granddaughter of Kenneth Danley and Buddy Newsome, just before the rodeo, brought grief to the Sheriff’s Posse and dampened the rodeo spirit of Parker County throughout the entire show. Major maintenance and improvement projects included a new roof for the Posse building and the caretaker’s house and a renovation of the Posse building. The meeting room was air conditioned and the east wall paneled. Extensive improvements were made in the kitchen and in both rest rooms. Plans were made to print a Parker County Sheriff’s Posse history book. Phil Livingston was appointed editor and publisher of the book to be released in 1991. The two surviving charter members, Forest Lindsay and Jack Borden, were honored with a special barbecue and team penning celebration. Distant trips to parades were made to Abilene, San Angelo, and San Antonio. New members installed were Jerry BlaisdellDennis HooksJack ParkerJesse StigallEric Wood, and Gene Wood.


Bob Elder, Capt.; Tommy Newberry, Lieut.; Martin Brown, Sec.; Mark Binion, Corral Boss; Jud Jordan, Wrangler; Mike Thomas, Rodeo Chairman; and Amy Saunders, Sweetheart. The first ever “tie” in voting for Captain. At the September meeting, new officers for 1991 were elected. All went well except for Captain. When the votes were counted there was a tie between C.A. Guess and Bob Elder. Another vote was taken in October and Bob Elder was elected Captain. Another first for 1991 was using members pictures on the cover of the Rodeo Program, featuring the Posse Stage and four horse hitch. Photo was by T.R. Miller. Three members were presented plaques for 105 years of membership in the Posse:  Eugene Polser, 40 yrs., James Bodiford, 40 yrs., and Marvin Thomas, 25 yrs. The Posse rode in parades in San Antonio, Fort Worth, Abilene, San Angelo, two Weatherford parades and several other local parades. The annual “Trail Ride” to Mineral Wells in May was a success with approximately 500 riders making the trip. Some major improvements were made in 1991. The old concession stand was torn down and a large, new, modern concession stand was built. A new entrance gate and new flooring for the wheel chair patrons area. The show barns received a much needed re-wiring of the electrical system. The Rodeo Committee, under the leadership of Mike Thomas, spent several months searching for a new Rodeo Stock Contractor, and from all reports from fans and members, did a good job in using Harper Rodeo Company of Louisiana. James Harper brought a lot of color and produced an outstanding rodeo. The Livestock Show Committee put together another outstanding Livestock Show for 1991. Another first, Pari-Mutual Betting Horse Racing comes to Parker County and the Sheriff’s Posse handled the parking for the Grand Opening for Trinity Meadows Race Track.


Harold Swain , Capt.; Bill Veselka, Lieut.; R.D. Myers III, Sec.; Jamie French, Corral Boss; Arlie Ashley, Wrangler; Ben Whiteman, Sheriff; Cleatus Wright, Rodeo Chairman; Tonya Riddle, Posse Sweetheart. The road from the front gate to the Clubhouse and around the arena was repaved, new storm windows were installed in the caretaker’s house. The History of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse was finally published and distributed. The trail ride to Mineral Wells was another successful event. The Posse participated in what must have been the shortest (31 minutes) Forth Worth Stock Show parade on record because of the bitter cold and sleet. Appearances were also made in other parades such as San Antonio, Pioneer Days and Chisolm Trail Days in the historic North Fort Worth Stockyards, in Abilene, San Angelo, Mineral Wells, Bowie, Jacksboro, and others. James Barnett and Ray Todd received 25 year membership plaques and L.D. Murray received a 40 year membership plaque. The Posse helped needy families for Christmas with food, clothes, and toys. New members elected were Dr. Rick Ford and Bill Tibbit.


Bill Veselka, Capt.; Earl Fletcher, Lieut.; Terry Johnson, Sec.; Fred Thomas, Corral Boss; Craig Peacock, Wrangler; Ben Whiteman, Sheriff; Harold Swain, Rodeo Chairman; Paige Westhoff, Posse Sweetheart. Posse held the First Annual Spring Gatherin’ Ranch Rodeo and Western Heritage Art and Crafts Show. Posse members served as an honor guard for Gov. Ann Richards at “Texas Day” at Trinity Meadows Race Track. The Posse was named All Around Champions at the 5th Annual All Sheriff’s Posse Invitational Competition held in Dallas. Parade participation included Fort Worth Fat Stock Show, Fiesta Flambeau in San Antonio, Pioneer Days and Chisolm Trail at the Fort Worth Stockyards, San Angelo, Bowie, Jacksboro, Mineral Wells, and others. The Posse building, concession stand, and ticket office were painted, and a new well was drilled and a new pump and booster pump were installed. Street lights were installed at the entryway, and security lights were placed in the parking lot and rear of the Posse building. Plans were prepared to construct new grandstands, including doubling of the number of box seats. The Posse donated funds to several worthwhile community projects, including Christmas in April and the Parker County Committee on Child Abuse. Another successful rodeo was held, and the trail ride to Mineral Wells was one of the largest ever. New members elected were Calvin Allen and Kevin Hamilton. 40-year membership plaque was presented to J.B. Golden.


Earl Fletcher, Capt.; Jamie French, Lieut.; Terry Johnson, Sec.; Bill Parkey, Corral Boss; Jerry Thomas, Wrangler; Larry Peck, Rodeo Chairman; Joni Peacock, Posse Sweetheart; Ben Whiteman, Sheriff. To kick off the Chisolm Trail Roundup, Posse members participated in relay races at Trinity Meadows. The Posse participated in the All Sheriff’s Posse Invitational Competition held in Dallas. As always the Mineral Wells Trail Ride was a success. For the enjoyment of the July rodeo, the Posse performed a special skit about the Bass Gang. Parades attended included the Ft. Worth Stock Show, Chisolm Trail, Pioneer Days, San Angelo, Jacksboro, Springtown, Abilene, Mineral Wells, Decatur, and others. The Posse held the second annual Spring Gatherin’ Ranch Rodeo, and Western Heritage Craft Show in April. In April of 1994 demolition of the old wooden grandstands started. The construction was done by Southern Bleacher Company, and the money for the grandstands was funded by a Posse loan through Weatherford National Bank. Once finished the new bleachers were made of aluminum and the arena doubled in box seating to add enjoyment for the spectators and members. Renovations to the property included new restrooms on the South side of the arena as well as renovations to the others. Around the dance slab, a pipe fence was provided to maintain a perimeter for vehicles. The old water lines were discarded and all water lines around the arena and to the stalls were installed. The old metal concession stand was replaced with another building. The Posse donated funds to community projects including Christmas in April and the Parker County Committee on Child Abuse. The 1994 Rodeo was again a success. The Livestock Show was outstanding thanks to the Livestock Committee. Mrs. Sue Merritt became Family Night Secretary after Mrs. James Bodiford‘s resignation. The Posse suffered a great loss with the death of 5 outstanding members: Jim CalhounJ.B. GoldenBen GroganCharlie Merritt, and C.A. Tschoepe. A forty year membership plaque was presented to Charlie Johnson. Twenty-five year plaques were received by Herb Fowler and D.C. Woodruff. New members elected were Michael Body and Lewis Henderson.


Ben Whiteman, Sheriff; Mack Young, Capt.; Judd Jordan, Lieut.; Kirk Martin, Sec./Treas.; Rick Ford, Corral Boss; Jack Parker, Wrangler; Earl Fletcher, Rodeo Chairman. The posse was honored to have Zane Myers as Sweetheart. New members received into the Posse were Roland McWhorterJim AddisonJerry JohnsonDavid RogersDwayne BaileyMark RiebeJack PickardTommy FrenchBob GlennFred DaviesKerry KelleyJosh Ashley, and Travis Faulkner. The Posse greatly regrets the passing of long time Posse members Vaughn Mader and Bob Rothel. 1995 was a good year for the Posse, the year started with the normal out of town parades recognizing the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show, San Angelo, Mineral Wells Trail Ride, as well as the various parades held in Weatherford as the outstanding events. The Posse held its annual Spring Gatherin’ Ranch Rodeo / Western Heritage Craft Show in April and in July donated the Posse Arena to the Parker County Heritage Society for the Willie Nelson Concert Fund Raiser. The 1995 Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo and The Livestock Show were a great success with special appreciation for the new Grand Stands and Box seats. The strength of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse is backed up with members like 40 year member W.R. “Dub” Riddle Jr. and 25 year members Mel Mallory, J.G. “Buck” ThomasR.L. Dugan, and Kenneth Hamilton. The Posse awarded membership plaques to these members for a job well done.


Avery (Butch) Morris, Capt.; Mark Binion, Lieut.; Pat Hamilton, Sec./Treas.; Robert D. Muir, Corral Boss; Derrell Young, Wrangler, Arlie Ashley, Rodeo Chairman, Denea Bryant, Posse Sweetheart. The posse participated in the following activities: Weatherford Christmas ParadeMartin Luther King ParadeFort Worth Stock Show Parade and Grand Entry on Weatherford DayMineral Wells Trail Ride, Parade, and Rodeo Grand Entry, Jack County Parade and Rodeo Grand Entry20th Annual Chisholm Trail Round-Up, San Angelo Parade, and the Abilene Parade. The 4th Annual Spring Gatherin’ and Western Heritage Craft Show was a huge success with 14 ranches entering. Accomplishments for this year’s posse were a much needed repair on the floor of the clubhouse, a new well was drilled to relieve the stress on the existing well, especially during the livestock show, the first Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Scholarship to Weatherford College was awarded to Ben Kemp, and a donation of $2,100 was made to the County fire departments. The Posse won trophies at Mineral Wells and Jacksboro. The 1996 Parker County Frontier Days Rodeo and Livestock Show started off great. Ticket prices were lowered and big crowds attended Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night performances. For only the second time in the history of the rodeo, the Saturday night performance was canceled because of rain. The make-up performance was held Sunday afternoon. Sadly, two of our members passed away during the year, L.D. Murray and Jerry Johnson. Three new members were elected Bill PedigoDavid Rothrock, and Jimmy V. Sharp.


Fred Thomas, Capt.; Jack Parker, Lieut.; Bob Glenn, Sec./Treas.; Kirk Martin, Corral Boss; Wayne Bryant, Wrangler; Phil Livingston, Rodeo Chairman; McKenzie Bailey, Posse Sweetheart. The Parker County Sheriff’s Posse celebrated its 50th anniversary. And what a historic year it was! The annual Frontier Days Rodeo was changed from the traditional July days to the last full week of June. Mack Altizer of the Bad Company Rodeo was chosen as Rodeo contractor for the first time ever! Gist Silversmiths, Inc. was appointed to design a 50th anniversary belt buckle as a limited edition for members and past sweethearts. A 50th anniversary membership pictorial board was assembled and placed in the Posse clubhouse on permanent display. 50th anniversary membership plaques were made available through the Awards Center. The 50th anniversary Frontier Days rodeo was a huge success being labeled as one of the top 15 rodeos in the State of Texas. The PRCA presented an award to the Posse in appreciation of 50 years of Pro Rodeo participation. A sweetheart reunion was held on the Saturday of the Rodeo and all past captains were introduced on the final night of the rodeo. New chute gates were installed, a new roping box was built and a “Sheriff’s Box” was added to the grandstands. A Professional Bull Riding event was held for the first time on August 22 and 23. The Posse received 1st place trophies from parades in San Angelo, Mineral Wells, Jacksboro, and Bridgeport. Other activities included the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade, the Fort Worth Stock Show parade and Rodeo Grand Entry, the Martin Luther King Day parade, the Pioneer Days parade in Fort Worth, the Peach Festival opening ceremonies, and the Springtown parade. Don Woodruff received a 25 year membership award. The Posse mourned the loss of members: James BodifordBilly Tibbit, and Jesse Stigall, Jr. New members added in 1997 included Louis SneedCody ToddBilly BlueWilliam E. Riddle, and Bob Tallman (Honorary).


Jack Parker, Capt.; Wayne Bryant, Lieut.; Bob Glenn, Sec./Treas.; Duane Bailey, Corral Boss; Tommy French, Wrangler; Jerry Thomas, Rodeo Chairman; Courtney Ford, Posse Sweetheart. The 51st year of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse started out on a somber note with the passing of charter member Forest M. Lindsay and fifty year veteran member E.A. Thomas, Jr. The rodeo contract was renewed with Bad Company Rodeo of Del Rio, Texas for a two year period. Members of the rodeo committee attended a conference at the Texas Circuit Finals in Waco. The restrooms in the rodeo areas were upgraded and painted. Chute gates and livestock holding pens were renovated. Parades and events attended included the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, the Martin Luther King Day Parade, the Forth Worth Rodeo and Stock Show Parade and Special Introduction Grand Entry, the San Angelo Parade, the Mineral Wells Rodeo Parade and Trail Ride, the 4th of July Parade in Granbury, the Jacksboro Rodeo Parade, the Dedication of the Rails to Trails between Weatherford and Mineral Wells, the Abilene Rodeo Parade, the Springtown Chamber of Commerce Wild West Days Parade, the Pioneer Days Parade of Fort Worth, and the Weatherford High School Homecoming Parade. First place trophies were earned in San Angelo, Mineral Wells, and Abilene. Twenty-five year awards were presented to David NashJerry ThomasMike ThomasBennett PiesterR.G. (Bob) Perkins, and Charles Beggs Moncrief by the 1973 Captain W.R.(Dub) Riddle. New members for 1998 included Justin Shifflett and Jim Bradford. The 1998 Rodeo had a record 566 contestants and the Parker County Livestock Improvement Assn. Show had 1,285 entries. The Rodeo entertainment was highlighted by a “game” of Cowboy Poker played by Fred ThomasJerry ThomasBob Glenn, and Jack ParkerThe Mexican Fighting Bull won by a landslide with the arena being cleared in record time! The 2nd Annual Professional Bull Riders Event was held in August. It was a dry and hot year in Parker County with record heat and drought conditions.


Wayne Bryant, Capt.; Duane Bailey, Lieut.; Bob Glenn, Sec./Treas.; Tommy Newberry, Corral Boss; Kerry Kelley, Wrangler; Fred Thomas, Rodeo Chairman; Jenny Rogers, Posse Sweetheart. The 52nd year of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse was indeed a busy one! Early in the year we were saddened by the loss of former captain and longtime member, Eugene (Gene) Polser. Then, again, in the later part of the year we bid farewell to a good member and friend, Elmer HallBad Company Rodeo of Del Rio, Texas was once again our rodeo producer which resulted in record entries of 619 by PRCA cowboys as well as record entries in the PCLTA Junior Livestock and Crop Show totaling 1,035, both new records. Projects completed during the year included the construction of new modern air-conditioned restrooms on the north side of the rodeo arena, an addition and renovation of the rodeo ticket office, holding pen and roping chute renovations, western cedar staves added to rodeo ground entrance, and the purchase of a new tractor for ground maintenance. The Posse participated in the Greenwood Farm Horse Trials, the Southwestern Cattle Raisers Horse Branding Seminar and provided a $1,000.00 to the Weatherford College Agriculture Department. Parades participated in included the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Christmas ParadeFort Worth Stock Show Rodeo Parade (won second place, which was the first time ever win), Martin Luther King Day ParadeFort Worth Stock Show Grand Entry and Special IntroductionSan Angelo Rodeo Parade (second place), Mineral Wells Rodeo Parade (first place), Mineral Wells Trail Ride, and Jacksboro Rodeo Parade (second place). A new rodeo format was introduced in 1999 with a new sponsorship program with street banners. Cowboy Camp was a feature of sponsors and cowboys alike and all past captains received special recognition at the Captain’s Dinner. Members honored for fifty years of service were Jack BordenWeldon JordanBoley Pearson, and Willard Thomas. Also honored for twenty-five years of service were Holton RiddleTom RiddleBob EldersJerry DurantPerry MaderTom B. Saunders IVTony Lavite, and Monty Wiggins. New members installed in 1999 included Ron Mayberryand Bobby Sandlin. The drought continued in Parker County throughout the year, but the 1999 Rodeo on June 16-19th proved to be one of the most enjoyable with cooler than normal temperatures. There was a 9.2% increase in ticket sales over 1998.



Duane Bailey, Capt.; Kerry Kelley, Lieut.; Bob Glenn, Sec./Treas.; Tommy French, Corral Boss; Jimmy Sharp, Wrangler; Bill Parkey, Rodeo Chairman; and Aimee Parkey, Posse Sweetheart. The 53rd year of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse was most successful with numerous events and physical improvements. The Posse participated in a special and unique monument ceremony on Veteran’s Day in Mineral Wells. The Posse participated in parades in Abilene, Springtown, San Angelo, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, Martin Luther King Day Parade, Mineral Wells, and Jacksboro. First place trophies were won at both the Mineral Wells and Jacksboro parades. Bad Company Rodeo of Del Rio, Texas was the producer of the 2000 rodeo with outstanding results. Projects completed during the year included a new structure for Cowboy Camp, purchase of a new diesel mower, and approving expenditures for the remodeling of the caretaker’s living quarters. The By-Laws were amended to require a five year probation period for all new members. Members honored for forty years of service were J.P. Binion, Dr. Noel BryanCoy CarterJ.W. FordHerman Stroud, and Bill McDavid, Jr. Those receiving twenty-five year awards included Dr. Gary GroteCharles Wetherell, and Rasie Ward. New members installed in 2000 included Stoney Ray JohnsonRoddie LowrieJeffery FordJohn Robinson, and Larry Sullivan. Life membership status was granted to Boley Pearson and Weldon Jordan. The Posse mourned the death of James Wilson Carter, a member for 38 years. Although rain occurred during the 2000 rodeo, Parker county was about to experience over 100 days without moisture and an extremely hot summer.


Arlie Ashley, Capt.; Mark Riebe, Lieut.; Justin Shifflett, Sec./Treas.; Blaine Peacock, Corral Boss; Bill Riddle, Wrangler; Bob Elder, Rodeo Chairman; and Lacy Bailey, Posse Sweetheart. The Posse attended a record number of events in its 54th year of representing Weatherford and Parker County. Parades attended included Abilene, Springtown, Del Rio, Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Yards Christmas Parade, San Angelo, Mineral Wells, Bowie, Jacksboro, and Llano. Other events included a Ride-A-Thon for crippled children, the annual Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Entry Recognition on Weatherford Day, and the annual Trail Ride to Mineral WellsBad Company Rodeo of Del Rio, Texas once again served as stock contractor for the rodeo, and once again we endured a rodeo rainstorm at Thursday night’s performance. Despite a muddy arena, the show went on! Henry Maddux was honored for forty years of service, and twenty-five year veterans included Maurice CurfmanDon GillRick MerrittFrancis NicholsBenny PeacockLeroy Schoonover, and Fred Thomas. New members for the year included Justin HighShane HarrisJimmy MadduxTim FrenchRandy O’NealClay CowdreyJim ZachariasRonnie Ashley, and Robbie Ballard. While we welcomed a fine number of new members, we were also saddened by a record number of deaths among our membership. Members passing away in the year were Earl FletcherJoe BaileyMonty WigginsJerry ThomasBob Magee, and J.D. Garner. The 54th year was filled with activity, awards, new faces, as well as farewells.


Mark Riebe, Capt.; Bill Riddle, Lieut.; Justin Shifflett, Sec./Treas.; Jim Bradford, Corral Boss; Jeff Ford, Wrangler; Butch Morris, Rodeo Chairman. The Posse was honored to have Keely Binion as Sweetheart. The 55th year of the Posse was full of fun and hard work. The Posse participated in many events during the year including the West Texas Fair & Rodeo Parade in Abilene, Springtown Parade, Veteran’s Day Parade in Weatherford, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, Martin Luther King Day Parade, San Angelo Parade, Mineral Wells Parade, Llano Parade, Jacksboro Parade, Bowie Parade, Graham Parade, and Fredericksburg Parade. Other special events for the Posse included recognition at the annual Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Entry, the annual Trail Ride to Mineral Wells, and the first Posse Play-dayClassic Pro Rodeo, owned by Scotty Lovelace, served as stock contractor for the Frontier Days Rodeo with many positive comments from spectators and Posse members. The Rodeo was highlighted by performances of the Weatherford Cowgirl Chicks and a memorable tribute to those lost in the 9-11 tragedy. Glen Densmore and Bill Jordan were recognized for 40 years of service to the Posse. Jay Brown and Bill Veselka were recognized for 25 years of service to the Posse. Members of the Posse attended numerous workdays during the year in order to complete the new Rodeo Secretary’s office and Justin Sports Healer’s building. The Posse welcomed seven new members including Guy CarterJamie JenningsBill VanhoosierTom B. MillsRoy SutherlandStephen Schult, and Jeff Mauldin. The Posse paid tribute to the memory of Bill ToddJames Mathison, and Earl Pope who will all be deeply missed. The 55th year of the Posse proved to be filled with many activities, excellent participation by the membership, and a continued desire to remember the western heritage our community was founded on.


Judd Jordan, Capt.; Jim Bradford, Lieut.; Justin Shifflett, Sec./Treas.; David Rogers, Corral Boss; Bobby Sandlin, Wrangler; Bill Veselka, Rodeo Chairman; and Callie Rogers, Sweetheart. The Posse participated in the usual parades with good turn-out including Abilene, San Angelo, Springtown, Weatherford’s Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and Martin Luther King Day, Fort Worth’s Stock Show Parade and Performance Recognition, Mineral Wells Trail Ride and Parade, Bowie, and Fredricksburg. Member’s families also had fun participating in the Posse Play-Day. The 2003 Rodeo had many new attractions – professional entertainers were hired and sponsored to boost attendance. The traditional street dance was changed to a Saturday night benefit concert starring David Ball and benefiting Campbell Health Foundation. Wednesday night was designated Youth Night, and Thursday was highlighted with a wild cow milking contest. Friday and Saturday were completed with concerts from the Bellemy Brothers and Dan RobertsScotty Lovelace and Classic Pro Rodeo provided first class service and entertainment. Special thanks to Larry Barnett for all his financial support and expertise in the entertainment area of our rodeo. The Posse was saddened by the loss of members Bennett PiesterSam Skiles, and Doyle Hutcheson; however, we welcomed new members David MillhollonJay HallJason BradleyEric Wood, and Steven Finch, and honored current members for years of service as follows: For 40 years: Jimmy HemphillDavid McDavidRobert E. Phillips, and Herman Woodard. For 25 years: Bob LambertMack YoungLewis Wayne EllisPat Hamilton, and Phil Livingston. General maintenance and clean-up to the Posse grounds and facilities was achieved and a new patio barn was erected. Hard work from members and non-members alike resulted in a successful rodeo and good memories.


Benny Peacock, capt.; Larry Peck, Lieut.; Justin Shifflett, Sec/Treas.; Shane Harris, Corral Boss; Robbie Ballard, Wrangler; Jamie French, Rodeo Chairman; Georgia Carter, Sweetheart. The posse participated in all the usual parades including: Abilene Parade, Weatherford Veteran’s Day Parade, Weatherford Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Chisholm Trail Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade,  Weatherford Martin Luther King Day Parade, Graham Rodeo Parade, Trail Ride, Mineral Wells Parade, Olney Parade, Jacksboro Parade, Bowie Parade, Veteran’s Memorial Parade Mineral Wells, and Fredericksburg Parade. Charlie Johnson was honored for 50 years of service. L. R. Sullivan was honored for 40 years of service. Clarence Beavers, Jim Duncan, Larry Peck, Ernie Rutledge, and Harold Swain were honored for 25 years of service. The posse was saddened by the loss of J. W. Ford, Joe W. Ross, and Willard Thomas. New members added for the year was Bud Stone and Chad Peacock. The posse added a performance stage with the help of Moritz Chevrolet and everyone enjoyed a successful rodeo. A rodeo that was reorganized as “The Best Small Rodeo Of The Year” by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.


Larry Peck, Capt.; Jamie French, Lieut.; Justin Shifflett, Sec/Treas.; Dale Ballard, Corral Boss; Travis Faulkner, Wrangler; Duane Bailey, Rodeo Chairman, Bailey Binion, Sweetheart. The posse participated in all the usual parades including: Abilene, Weatherford Veteran’s Day, Weatherford Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, Weatherford Martin Luther King Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Entry, San Angelo Parade, Trail Ride, Mineral Wells Parade, Jacksboro Parade, Bowie Parade, Mason County Parade, and Fredericksburg ParadeW. R. “Dub” Riddle was honored for 50 years of service.  Buddy Newsom was honored for 40 years of service. Joe Dean Johnson, Jack Alexander, and Darrell Young were honored for 25 years of service. The posse was saddened by the loss of Tony Lavite and D. C. “Dude” Woodruff. New members of the year included: J. C. Moore, Chad Magee, Wayne Jones, Joe Harris, Lee Durant, and Jamie McClain.


Craig Peacock-Captain; David Rogers-Lieutenant; Dale Ballard-Secretary/Treasure; Steve Finch-Corral Boss; Bud Stone-Wrangler; Bill Riddle-Rodeo Chairman; Cassie French-Sweetheart. The Posse participated in parades at Abilene, Weatherford Veteran’s Day parade, Weatherford Christmas parade, Fort Worth Stock Show parade, Weatherford Martin Luther King parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Entry, San Angelo parade, Jacksboro parade, Bowie parade, Mineral Wells Trail ride and parade and Fredericksburg parade. The Posse held its 1st annual Ranch Rodeo under the direction of Chairman Blaine Peacock. The Ranch Rodeo was a huge success and will be held each year. After many years of fine service, Posse members tore down the old bucking chutes and announcers stand. The Posse purchased new Priefert bucking chutes. Posse members installed the new chutes and rebuilt the working pens and gates. Under the leadership of  Captain Peacock a  beautiful new announcers stand was built and all work completed before the June Rodeo. The 59th edition of the Frontier Days Rodeo, under the directions of Chairman Bill Riddle, was another huge success setting numerous records. The Posse contracted with Joe Bielinski to bring top entertainers to perform at each performance of the Rodeo. Marvin Thomas was honored for 40 years of service and Dale Ballard was honored for 25 years of service. The Posse was saddened by the passing of 23 year member Joe ErnstBill Ward was a new member elected in 2006. The summer of 2006 was again very dry and a shortage of hay persisted.


Craig Peacock, Captain; Bill Riddle, Lieutenant; Dale Ballard, Secretary/Treasure; Travis Faulkner, Corral Boss; Jay Hall Wrangler; Maurice Curfman, Rodeo Chairman; Kelsi Ford, Sweetheart. The Posse participated in many parades during the year including, Fort Worth, Mineral Wells, Jacksboro, Abilene, San Angelo, Fredericksburg and Bowie. This was the 60th anniversary of the Posse and every event during the year set new records. The annual Frontier Days Rodeo, Steer Roping and County Team Roping were huge successes. The 60th anniversary was a time for another Sweetheart reunion. The Sweethearts and Past Captains were honored at a luncheon on Saturday preceding the rodeo. Work was completed on all the holding pens and a new cattle return alley was built under the bleachers.  At the April business meeting the members voted to build a new headquarters building. In August, after 60 years of service, the old headquarters building was torn down. On September 17 the slab was poured for the building and the construction was started. Jack Borden was honored for 60 years of loyal service to the Posse, James T Barnett and R. D. Todd for 40 years and Terry JohnsonJohn Westhoff and Craig Peacock for 25 years. New members elected during the year include, Randall HaydonCliff ClarkWoody BaileyBilly SelmonJustin ThomasCharles LambertDavid Stanley, and Ted Moore.


Bill Riddle, Captain; Justin Shifflett, Lieutenant; Dale Ballard, Secretary-Treasure; J C Moore, Corral Boss; Calvin Allen, Wrangler; Kylie Mills, Sweetheart; Monty Kemp, Travis Faulkner, Blaine Peacock, Rodeo Committee. The Posse attended all the usual parades. Construction of the new Posse Headquarters kept the Posse very busy during the winter and spring. On October 8, 2007 Captain Bill Riddle held the first Board Meeting in the unfinished building. The Posse was very blessed to have many fin members who contributed to the effort of getting the New Headquarters built. The 2008 Rodeo Program listed two pages of those dedicated members. On Monday night April 7, 2008 Captain Bill Riddle chaired the first General Business Meeting in the New Headquarters. Ninety eight (98) members answered roll call and with guests a total of 350 attended the grand opening. Our 1984 Captain, Jerry Durant, spoke to the huge crowd and complimented the Posse on the New Headquarters. The 2008 PRCA Rodeo was a huge success. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night crowds set all time attendance records and total attendance was by far the largest in our history. Weldon Jordan, Captain 1963 was honored for 60 years of loyal service to the Posse and Melvin Dale was honored for 25 years of loyal service. The Posse was saddened by the loss of Buddy Newsome, Marvin Thomas, Rick Williamson, Tommy Lackey and Curtis Guess. New Members elected for the year include, Jason Ranspot, Shane Williams, Wesley Jennings, Rick Ringstaff, Matt Milligan, David Carter, Hoyt Lindsey and Herb Stone.


Justin Shifflett, Captain; Tom Mills, Lieutenant; Dale Ballard, Secretary-Treasure; Bill Ward, Corral Boss; Lee Durant, Wrangler; Megan Mayberry, Sweetheart; Travis Faulkner, Rodeo Chairman. The Posse participated in many events during the year including, Abilene parade, Red Steagal Wagon Train, Weatherford Veterans and Christmas parades, Fort Worth Stock Show parade and special introduction Grand Entry, San Angelo parade, Graham parade, Mineral Wells Trail Ride and parade, Jacksboro parade, Albany parade, Fredericksburg parade and Bowie parade. The Posse had tow major projects for the year. A new concession stand was built and a huge maintenance  project was completed. Our annual PRCA Rodeo continued its phenomenal growth. The Friday night performance had the largest crowd in our history and total attendance once again, set an all time record. Boley Person, Captain 1961, was honored for 60 years of loyal service to the Posse, J.P. Binion, Dr Noel Bryan, Coy Carter and Bill McDavid Jr was honored for 50 years of loyal service. Herb Fowler was honored for 40 years of loyal service. Monty Kemp, Sam Nash, Kirk Martin, and Blaine Peacock were honored for 25 years of loyal service. The Posse was saddened by the loss of Weldon Jordan, Bill McDavid Jr, Mel Mallory and W.P. Koonce. New members  elected for the year included Lanny Loesch, Larry Young, Thomas B. Saunders V and Rick Wilson.



Travis Faulkner, Captain; J C Moore, Lieutenant; Jamie McClain, Secretary; Charlie Lambert, Treasure; Lee Durant, Corral Boss; Joe Harris, Wrangler; Rylee Durant, Sweetheart; Bill Riddle, Rodeo Chairman. The Posse participated in many events during the year including, Abilene Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show parade and special introduction, San Angelo parade, Fredericksburg parade and Bowie parade. Service Awards were presented to Avery “Butch” Morris-25 years, and Ken “Poss” Hamilton, R L Dugan-40 yearsThe Posse was saddened by the loss of members Derrell Young, Herman Woodard, Buddy Sullivan, Boley Pearson, and Dub Riddle. New members elected for membership were Brent Terrell, Kenneth Barnes, Will Batten and Gary Fowler.


J. C. Moore, Captain; Joe Harris, Lieutenant; Wesley Jennings, Secretary; Lanny Loesh, Treasurer; Brent Proctor, Corral Boss; David Stanley, Wrangler; Leslie Saunders, Sweetheart; Judd Jodan, Rodeo Chairman. The Posse participated in many events during the year including Ablilene Parade, Red Steagall Wagon Train, Weatherford Veterans and Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show parade and special introduction, San Angelo Parade, Mineral Wells trail ride, and parade, Jacksboro parade, Fredericksburg parade and Bowie parade. The Posse was saddened by the loss of several members, Tom Riddle, Ernie Rutledge, Buck Thomas, Jimmy Hemphill, Jack Borden, Holton Riddle, Ray Todd, Sam Nash and R.L. Dugan.


Joe Harris – Captain, Lee Durant – Lieutenant, Wesley Jennings – Secretary, Herb Stone – Treasure, David Stanley – Corral Boss, David Carter – Wrangler, Steven Finch – Rodeo Chairman, Brianna Batten – Posse Sweetheart. In September 2011 the 7th annual PCSP Ranch Rodeo and Chuck Wagon Cook-off was a huge success under the direction of Ranch Rodeo Chairman, Blain Peacock. This rodeo is held annually the 3rd week in September. The 65th year of the Posse continued with tradition by attending many parades and grand entries. They included Abilene parade, Red Steagall Wagon Train, Weatherford Veterans Day and Christmas parade, Sansom Park Christmas parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, Grand Entry and special introduction, San Angelo parade, Graham parade, 51st annual trail ride to Mineral Wells and parade, Jacksboro parade, PCSP parade, Bowie parade, and Fredericksburg parade. In November, a decision was made to accept an invitation to ride in a parade and grand entry at the “Daddy of ‘Em All”, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was the Posse’s first trip to Cheyenne and many details for the travel and accommodations had to be made. On the July 28, 2012, thirty eight members were ready to ride in the day’s events. It was highlighted by receiving and award and a plaque for “Outstanding Mounted Riding Group”, and a special introduction in the grand entry. Joining the members for this historic trip were family and friends totaling more than 100, who all attended the rodeo as well. With great weather, the 65th PRCA Rodeo was the 3rd largest in our history, with the largest ever Wednesday night attendance. A chuck wagon and a new team of horses were added to the Posse and were taken to all the parades and events. New concrete and fencing were added to expand the guest area in front of the concession stand and repairs were done and new paint added to the restrooms, ticket office and concession stands. Our entrance billboard sign also received a makeover with new lettering and fresh paint. Members honored and receiving service awards were, Roy Glenn Densmore and Bill Jordan – 50 years, Don Woodruff – 40 years, Mark Binion, Tommy Newberry and Tim Riddle – 25 years. We were saddened by the loss of 45 year member, James T. Barnet. New members for the year included, Ronnie Davis, Troy Rogers, Dr Richard Dixon, Seth Denbow, Dr Trey Quinn, Huck Peacock, Todd White and Sean Opitz.


Lee Durant – Captain, Bill Ward – Lieutenant, Wesley Jennings – Secretary, Larry Sullivan – Treasure, Josh Ashley – Corral Boss, Hoyt Lindsay – Wrangler, Anne Cathryn Todd – Posse Sweet Heart, and StevenFinch – Rodeo Chairman. The 66th year of the Posse continued with tradition by attending many parades and Grand Entries. They included the Abilene Parade, Red Steagall Wagon Train, Weatherford Veterans Day Parade, and Christmas Parade, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, Grand Entry and special introduction, San Angelo Parade, Graham Parade, 52th Annual Trial Ride to Mineral Wells and Parade, Jacksboro Parade, PCSP Parade and 4 Grand Entries, Bowie Parade, and Fredericksburg Parade. Much needed fence and working pen repair was done. Concrete was added under the north stands for vendors. With great weather, the 66th PRCA Rodeo was the 4th largest in our history, with the largest ever Thursday and Saturday night attendance. Members honored and receiving service awards were David McDavid and Dr. Robert Phillips – 50 years, R.G. (Bob) Perkins and Mike Thomas – 40 years, and Brooks Worthington and Bob Muir – 25 years. We were saddened by the loss of 54 year member J.P. Binion. New members of the year included Robert Dyer, Krayton Kirpatrick, and Brandon Wilson.


Steven Finch – Captain, Shane Harris – Lieutenant, Wesley Jennings – Secretary, Larry Sullivan – Treasure, Brent Terrell – Corral Boss, Will Batten – Wrangler, Madison Sullivan – Sweetheart, and Stoney Johnson – Rodeo Chairman. The 9th annual PCSP Ranch Rodeo and Chuck Wagon Cook Off got the year started for the new officers and board of directors with a bang and a big thank you to the Ranch Rodeo Chairman Blaine Peacock, for making it a huge success. Parades that the Posse attended were Abilene, Red Steagall’s Cowboy Gathering, our home town Veterans Day and Christmas Parades, Fort Worth Stock Show Parade along with the Grand Entry and Special Introduction for the Weatherford Day, San Angelo Rodeo Parade, Granbury – Texas Independence Day Parade, Young County Rodeo Parade, 53rd Annual Trail Ride from Weatherford to Mineral Wells, Mineral Wells Rodeo Parade and Grand Entry, Jacksboro Rodeo Parade, PCSP Frontier Days Parade and 4 nights Grand Entry, Bowie PRCA Rodeo Parade, and Gillespie County Fair Parade in Fredericksburg. Projects and new additions for the year included the purchase of a new sound system for the club house, new Kubota tractor and zero turn mower, resurfaced the floor in the announcer stand, added more concrete under the bleachers and  adding a “cold room” onto the beer barn. The 67th Annual PCSP Frontier Rodeo Days PRCA Rodeo was another huge success. With the help of Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo Stock Contractor, we were nominated for the PRCA medium outdoor rodeo of the year finishing in the top 5. The Posse saluted Charlie Johnson for his 60 years of service and honored members Jerry Durant, Bob Elder, Perry Mader, and Tom B. Saunders IV for their 40 years of service. Arlie Ashley, Jamie French, and Judd Jordan received plaques for their 25 years of service as well. With celebration comes sadness and mourning for the loss of 38 year members Francis Nichols and Leroy Schoonover. The Posse welcomed new members Jordan Lee, Tyler French, and Kenny Crim.


Blaine Peacock – Captain, Stoney Johnson – Lieutenant, Wesley Jennings – Secretary, Larry Sullivan – Treasurer, Hoyt Lindsay – Corral Boss, Seth Denbow – Wrangler, Wynn Todd – Sweetheart, and Tim Riddle – Rodeo Chairman. The 68th year of the Posse held many exciting developments. The 10th annual PCSP Ranch Rodeo was a bigger than ever with a very successful Chuck Wagon Cook Off and a new Wild Bronc Riding event!! There was top rate entertainment Friday – Walker & the TX Dangers and Saturday the Great Jake Hooker & the Outsiders. Thanks to Blaine Peacock, RR Chair for designing a brand new trailer stage for the bands to perform. The Annual Frontier Days Rodeo was a huge success with top notch entertainment each night. And as always the great event was much contributed to PRCA Stock Contractor Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo team. Thursday’s Tuff Enough to Wear Pink benefitet the local Susan G Komen organization. The biggest event of this rodeo was the annual softball game to raise money for our local CASA – Hope for Children and for the first time in its history the Posse Guts actually Beat the Pete Carr Classic Pro Rodeo team!! Thanks to Tim Riddle, 2015 Rodeo Chair, for a great event. Hoyt Lindsey led 40 pllus members and family to Cheyenne WY in July to participate in the Parade and Grand Entry of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. This was a very successful trip and once again as in 2012 we wib the Best Mounted Riding group in the Parade. The members participated in many parades all over Texas and also the 54th Annual Trial Ride from Weatherford to Mineral Wells and MW Rodeo Parade, and of course our PCSP Frontier Days Rodeo and Ranch Rodeo Parades. Captain Blaine Peacock was a great leader for the PCSP during his reign and accompleted several projects. The purchase of 43 acres connected to the Posse grounds that will someday be developed into additional parking and faculities was a valuable project. The south bathrooms were completely remodeled and a new wheelchair ramp was constructed on the north bleachers. And a huge thanks to member Robert Dyer for makeing the new big screen TV inside the headquarters building become reality. We saluted Gary Grote – 40 yrs service, Dennis Hooks, Jack Parker and Jerry Blaisdell all 25 yr members. New Members David Berry, Doug Leeper, Dave Rydbeck, Reis Wilson, Gabe Saimons, Larry Walden, and Garry Giese. Sadly, we mourned the loss of 45 year Member, Ken ‘Poss’ Hamilton and 37 year Member, Bob Lambert.


Larry Sullivan – Captain, Tim Riddle – Lieutenant, Robert Dyer – Secretary, Seth Denbow – Treasurer, Randy O’Neal – Corral Boss, Todd White – Wrangler, Taylor White– Sweetheart and Joe Harris – Rodeo Chairman, Directors – Judd Jordan, Bill Ward, Jimmy Sharp, Cody Todd, Bill Riddle and Rick Dixon. Sheriff – Larry Fowler. The 69th Frontier Days Rodeo was another great success, adding a Tuesday night PRCA Extreme Bull Riding performance. The 11th Ranch Rodeo, Blaine Peacock Chairman. Under the leaderdhip of Captain Sullivan, the Posse successfully completed serveral projects during the year, including the new fence & gates at the roping shute, more concrete walkway inside the stadium area. The Posse made several parades during the year, including the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade & Grand Entry, the Annual Trail Ride to Mineral Wells-Parade-Grand Entry, the Granbury Parade, the Bowie Parade, the Jacksboro Parade, the Fredricksbury Parade, the Weatherford Veterans Day Parade, and the Weatherford, Christmas Parade,We saluted Bill Parkey for 25 yrs service, Don Gill and Maurice Curfman for 30 yrs service, Rick Merritt for 40 yrs service. And sadly, we mourned the loss of  Charlie Johnson 62 year member, Bob Perkins 43 year member and Bob Elder 42 year member.


Randy O’Neal – Captain, David Stanley – Lieutenant, Doug Leeper – Secretary, Seth Denbow – Treasurer, Todd White – Carral Boss, Kenny Crim – Wrangler, Chloe Peacock – Sweetheart, J C Moore – Rodeo Chairman, Blaine Peacock – Ranch Rodeo Chairman, Larry Sullivan – Past Captain, Larry Fowler – Sheriff. Directors – Bill Ward, Cody Todd, Rick Dixon, Joe Harris, Jim Bradford, Fred Thomas. The 70th year of the Posse was filled with exciting new developments and improvements to the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse grounds. The 11th annual PCSP Ranch Rodeo in September 2016 was a continued sucess despite the rain on Friday with a nice turnout for the annual chuck wagon cook off. The entertainment was provided by local favorite, Jake Hooker & the outsiders, on Saturday night. The PCSP participated in several parades and rodeo events throughout the year with a nice turnout for each. In September the Posse traveled to Stephenville for the parade followed by attending and setting pivots for the eighth annual Back the Blue Rodeo by the Deleon Rodeo Association. The money that was given to the Posse for their participation was donated back to help the families of fallen officers. In November several members rode horseback for the Grand Opening of the new Roger Williams Auto Dealership. The annual Veteran’s Day parade brought many members out to show respect and gratitude for members of our armed forces. This year, the PCSP supported the Parker County Livestock Improvement Association (PCLIA) and HALO for freedom organizations by purchasing sponsor tables and attending their fund raising galas. For the 70th Anniversary celebration, commemorative buckles were designed and sold with one being presented to Parker County Sheriff, Larry Fowler. Toys provided by Mutton Bustin’ contestants from the Ranch Rodeo and Frontier Days Rodeo were donated to Manna’s Angel Tree for Parker County children in December. In January 2017, PCSP was well represented, once again, at the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo (FWSSR) parade despite the chilling temperatures and blustery wind. Parker County Day at the FWSSR proved to be a seccess as well, with 36 members in attendance for the rodeo grand entry. In late February, thirty one of the past PCSP sweethearts gathered for a light reception and photo which was used in the April issue of the Parker County Lefestyle magazine along with an impressive article outlining the history of the sweethearts. PCSP member, Bill Ward, has played an integral role in getting the PCSP website and sweetheart photo frame updated and hung in the Sweetheart meeting room of the Posse building. He also led the efforts to get the board room organized and decorated this year. The Posse also rode in the parade for the General Granbury Birthday Celebration. In May, the Parker County Today magazine featured the Posse with photos and interviews of members for the 70th anniversary. New dimmable LED lighting was installed in the Posse building which brought together members and their families for the first Superbowl watching party. Many hours were spent making improvements to the PCSP grounds and facilities this year. The newly acquired acreage south of the grounds was improved to allow for additional parking this year by the effort of  dozers and excavators donated by Posse members. New perimeter fencing was installed around the rodeo stock pens near the stock show grounds on the south side of the arena. Additional improvements to the facilities included updates to the men’s restroom near the Boo-Ray’s stand and enlarging the ticket office. Online ticket sales added this year intended to make getting to the rodeo more conveinent and to help shorten the lines. The biggest project by the Posse this year was the completion of a new home for the caretaker, RayDensmore and his wife, Trish. Many Posse members joined in the effort to provide labor and materials to make the project a success. The final event prior to the 70th Annual Frontier Days Rodeo was the 56th Annual Trail Ride from Weatherford to Mineral Wells and MW Rodeo Parade. The Posse proudly continued this tradition to promote the western hertiage of Parker County and provided lunch along the trail.
The Annual Frontier Days Rodeo anticipates another successful year with well known and beloved country artist after each night’s performances. This year’s line up will include: Steve Helms, Randy Brown, Austin Allsup, The Statesboro Revue, and Brandon Rhyder. PRCA Stock Contractor, Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo team, will produce the PRCA Extreme Bulls Night for the 2nd year and the PRCA rodeo for the 3rd year whick will be filled with entertainment from beginning to end. One addition to the rodeo that continues to be a highlight is the calf scramble, with an added night this year, providing vouchers for FFA and 4-H members that catch a calf to purchase stock show animals the upcoming year. The Posse continues to honor members of our armed forces and Back the Blues by offering discounts on admission to the rodeo. Proceeds from Thursday’s Tuff Enough to wear Pink will benefit the local Careity Foundation. The annual softball game between Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo team and the PCSP will raise money for our local beneficiary CASA of Parker County. Captain Randy O’Neal led the PCSP this year as a visionary and supervised, as well as, contributed to the numerous developments and improvements. PCSP mourned the loss of Bob Elder and Rick Merritt. New members of the year included Ryan Cate, DVM and Edward Gray.


Steven Finch – Captain, Todd White – Lieutenant, Doug Leeper – Secretary, Seth Denbow – Treasurer, Garry Giese – Corral Boss, Larry Waldon – Wrangler, Lanie Hannah – Sweetheart, Huck Peacock – Rodeo Chairman, Shane Harris, Rick Wilson – Rodeo Committee, Blaine Peacock – Ranch Rodeo Chairman, Directors – (2017)Joe Harris, Jim Bradford (2018)-Jamie French, Travis Faulkner, Larry Sullivan, Chris Hannah. Randy O’Neal – Past Captain, Larry Fowler – Sheriff. The 71st annual rodeo was a great success and the Posse was invided to be honorary Marshalls at the Fredericksburg parade in August. The south border of the property was cleared and fenced as well as a new entry on the Greenwood Road side, and agreement was reached with the PCLIA that allowed them to start the planning and construction of their new barn. We saluted Calvin Allen – 25 years, Pat Hamilton – 40 years, Phil Livingston – 40 years, and Mack Young – 40 years of service. The Posse sadly lost some great members, Fred Thomas, Dr. Gary Grote, Tom B Saunders IV and Lewis Wayne Ellis, they will be missed. We did bring in new members Lannie Fulton, Roudy Turner and Honorary Member Douglas Finch. Projects – Completed the new care taker house, Ray Densmore & wife were able to move in before Thanksgiving. With a lot of help from Posse members and friends the cost was held to about $60,000. A special thanks Don Woodruf loaned the Posse the funds with a time payment schedule.


Jamie French – Captain, Garry Giese – Lieutenant, Doug Leeper – Secretary, Seth Denbow – Treasurer, Larry Walden – Corral Boss, Troy Rogers – Wrangler, Jackie Peacock – Sweetheart, Larry Fowler – Sheriff, Steven Finch – Past Captain, Shane Harris – Rodeo Chairman, Board of Directors – Travis Faulkner, Joe Harris, Chris Hannah, Larry Sullivan, Craig Peacock, and Todd White. The 72nd year of the Posse was busy as usual attending several parades and rides. Parades included Springtown, Stephenville, Fredricksburg, Granbury, Veterans Day and Weatherford Christmas parade. In addition, other activities included escorting the Red Steagall Trail Ride and appearing at the H-E-B grand opening. They were also privileged to serve as honor guards at the R A Knight memorial service. The Ranch Rodeo was somewhat hindered by heavy rain but not enough to stop those cowboys, in the mud and crud, the rodeo went forward. For the second time in history, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo parade was canceled due to inclement weather. The disappointment of not getting to ride in the parade was eased by being recognized in the grand entry of the rodeo, as making, “the last ride in the Will Rogers Colosseum.” The Posse showed community support by donating toys to CASA, attending the Pink Luncheon and Halo for Freedom banquet, and modeling at Badges, Bags, and Bingo. In addition to all the off property activities, the south entrance and road were completed. Many hours were spent clearing and leveling land, spreading gravel, and preparing the south property for expansion of the parking area. New speaker towers were built. The cowboy camp was renovated with concrete floors, a sink, a retaining wall, and video screens. A porch and fence were added to the caretaker’s house. Restrooms were painted and renovated. Construction was began on a racetrack for horseraces for the Ranch Rodeo in September. The PCLIA  completed construction on a much needed new building. New to the Posse this year was adding the cattle drive from Millsap to the Posse grounds. The Millsap Heritage Society provided a free breakfast to start the morning off. The usual Wednesday rodeo parade was moved to Saturday. The street dance followed the parade and was moved back to downtown in the parking area off York Street. The June rodeo and the ranch rodeo set new attendance records. In June the members were saddened by the loss of  twenty five year member Fred Davies. Two members, Noel Bryan and Coy Carter were recognized as 60 years, and Harold Swain, Jim Duncan, and Larry Peck were recognized for 50 years. “Thank You” for all the hours of service. Five new members were inducted this year, Mat Galliton(Jan), Trent Faulkner (Feb), Shon Novak (Apr), Charles McFarland (Apr), and Richard Lee (Jun).



Jamie French – Captain, Doug Leeper – Lieutenant, Roudy Turner – Secretary, Seth Denbow – Treasurer, Troy Rogers – Corral Boss, David Berry – Wrangler, Sydney Dixon – Sweetheart, Larry Fowler – Sheriff, Steven Finch – Past Captain, Rodeo Committee – Rick Wilson – Chairman, , Randy O’Neal, Larry Sullivan, Board of Directors – Garry Giese, Joe Harris, Thomas Saunders, Shane Harris, Craig Peacock, and Todd White. The Ranch Rodeo was a huge success with the building of then new race track for the new “Matched Horse Race” event. The Posse is saddend with loss of Fred Davies(1995) and Tommy Newberry(1987).


Doug Leeper – Captain, Troy Rogers – Lieutenant, Roudy Turner – Secretary, Mat Galliton – Treasurer, Stephen Stultz – Corral Boss, Charles McFarland – Wrangler, Shyann Rogers – Sweetheart, Larry Fowler – Sheriff, Jamie French – Past Captain, Rodeo Committee – Randy O’Neal – Chairman, Larry Sullivan, Travis Faulkner, Board of Directors – Garry Giese, Bill Riddle, Thomas Saunders, Shane Harris, Seth Denbow, and Steven Finch. The Ranch Rodeo was again a huge success. The Posse welcomed new members Darrell Densmore, Chuck Prather, Brad Chane, Tommy Turner,  Jeremy Sheriff, Derrick Geis  and Paul Hardison. The Posse saddened with loss of Sheriff Larry Fowler, 16 year (2005) member, Don Gill, 45 year (1976) member and David Carter, 13 year (2008) member.


Shane Harris – Captain, Larry Walden– Lieutenant, Roudy Turner – Secretary, Mat Galliton – Treasurer, Charles McFarland – Corral Boss, Jamie French – Wrangler, Maelie Turner – Sweetheart, Russ Authier – Sheriff, Doug Leeper – Past Captain, Rodeo Committee – Larry Sullivan – Chairman, Travis FaulknerThomas Saunders. Board of Directors – Bill Riddle, Seth Denbow, Steven Finch, Randy O’Neal, Stephen Shultz, and Ronnie Davis. The Ranch Rodeo was again a huge success. The Posse is saddened with the loss of Dave Rydbeck, 6 year member(2015), Doug Finch-48 year member(1973).