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Posse Legend Mr. Ray Smyth


Mr. Ray Smith, a true legend, was a 1947 charter member of the Posse. He served as our Captain in 1956. He was an icon of the Posse and our community. Among his many accomplishments was one of the organizers of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). He and his wife Eloise were well respected in our community.

He was a rancher, owned the LS Ranch.

He owned the Aledo Feed Store, at one time the largest employer in Parker County.

He owned the Aledo Feed Lots.

He was the founding President of the NCHA, and served 3 terms.

One of his slogans was “Horses are fun, cattle are business”.

He served as a director of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

The Posse started the Ray Smith Memorial Cutting in 1985.

He helped organize the first Posse rodeo in 1948.

A special thanks to Jena Mae Thetford for all these photos.