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Posse Legends: The Jordan Family

Three Generation Captains

The Jordan family is our first three-generation Captains. Weldon, son Bill, grandson Judd served the Posse as Captains, but allĀ  served in several other officer positions, listed under their photos. It would be hard to find any family that has contributed more to the Posse. I have know all three and can attest to their character, not only in the Posse, but in our community. They have owned and operated the Jordan Construction Company for many years. Wether you are discussing Jordan Construction Company, the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, or the First Baptist Church, the Jordans are a true icon, and earn our Legend status. A special thanks to these guys from the Posse.

Weldon Jordan

Captain 1963
Joined 1948
Lieutenant 1954
Wrangler 1960
50 Year Award 1998
Life Member 2000
60 Year Award 2008
Died 2009

Bill Jordan

Captain 1974
Joined 1962
Lieutenant 1966
25 Year Award 1987
40 Year Award 2002

Judd Jordan

Captain 2003
Joined 1989
Wrangler 1991
Lieutenant 1995
Rodeo Chairman 2011
25 Year Award 2014