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Posse Legends: The Saunders Ranch Family

Three Generation Members

The Saunders Ranch Family is a true legend in ranching, with 3 generations of Posse members: Tom B. Saunders III as a charter member, then Tom B. Saunders IV and Tom B. (Thomas) Saunders V.

The Saunders Ranch is a 6 generation ranching operation. George W. Saunders, Tom B Saunders, Tom B Saunders II, Tom B Saunders III, Tom B. Saunders IV, Tom B. (Thomas) Saunders V.

Tom B Saunders III

Joined 1947 – Charter Member
Served as Captain 1948
Died 1974

Tom B Saunders IV

Joined 1974
Received 25 Year Award in 1999
Died 2018

Tom B (Thomas) Saunders V

Joined 2009

The evolution of the Saunders Legacy started in 1850. Thomas Bailey Saunders began raising cattle in Gonzales, Texas. His grandson, Tom B. Saunders II became the first cattle dealer on the Fort Worth Stockyards in 1902. T.B. Saunders & Co. was formed, and became the largest cattle company in the United States for much or the early 1900s.

Tom B. III, prestigious horseman and rancher, became a founding member of the National Cutting Horse Association and served as President of the association in 1947. Tom B. II also served as the Vide President of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo until his passing in 1974.

Tom B. IV, Cattle rancher and historian, was an active Director of both the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Tom B IV published books on the Texas cattle industry, Texas history, and its rich culture. H worked with praised creators and photographers including the late David R. Stoecklein.

The Saunders Ranch was established in 1934, just west of Fort Worth in Parker county. Thomas Bailey Saunders V operates a cow-calf and equine business out of the ranch today. He has succeeded his lineage by holding a position as a Director and Producer of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Thomas supplies livestock and equine for use in cinema productions, ranch rodeo events across Texas, and sanctioned competitions within the AQHA and NCHA. The Saunders also maintain a ranch breeding program that produces over 25 head of registered quarter horses broke and rode under saddle each year.