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Ranch Rodeo

Matched Horse Race

It’s About To Get Western! Join us for the annual PCSP Matched Horse Race and Corgi Dash during the Saturday Ranch Rodeo Activities on September 14th at 3 pm.

Your Saturday Ranch Rodeo ticket will include the Matched Horse Race. The track is located on the far South end of the property just past the arena.

Participant Registration and Information:

Event Time: September 14, 2024 – 3:00 pm – Check in will start at 10 am.
Event Address: PCSP Arena, 2251 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford TX

Books open August 1, 2024.

Coming August 1, 2024 – Pay $25 (non-refundable after Sep 8th 3 pm) fee using this link no later than Friday, Sept 8, 2023, at 3 pm. After this date the fee goes up to $50. Check in will start Saturday at 10 am and BOOKS CLOSE at 1 pm Saturday, Sept 14th.
§  Each contestant will need to show ID at check in and sign release forms that will be notarized.
§  All horses will need to have a current Negative Coggins report to be allowed in the gate and onto the PCSP grounds. Your emailed ticket will get you into the gate. Anyone with you will need to purchase the $20 rodeo ticket.

§  We will only take 50 horses. Each contestant can enter a maximum of 2 horses in their own name.

§  Rider must use a western saddle. The race is a timed event and is ran on a 150-yard length dirt track.

§  Horse and rider are accompanied by a pony horse from the finish line area to the start line, where once the Flag Man drops the flag, the rider must pivot their horse around and race to the opposite end of track to cross the finish line.

§  The top 6 times will go to the final round of races. The fastest time in the final round will decide the winner.

§  A total of $1,500.00 purse is guaranteed and will be distributed as follows:

·      1st Place – $600 + Trophy Buckle a

·       2nd Place – $450

·       3rd Place – $300

·       4th Place – $150

Any added money will be announced at the event.